So Glad I Found This…

David’s Tea – these little tea shops started popping up all over Ontario in the past few months. Though I’m not a huge fan of chains edging out locally-run businesses I was pleased to find out David is Canadian! At least I can tell myself all that economy-stimulation will stay in the province. Besides, it’s so far the only place I have been able to find this:

It just makes sense – the loose tea goes right in the cup and then when it’s done steeping the tea-filter rests on the upside down  cup-cover. I may just be paranoid but some cheap tea balls give off a metallic taste but not this one! The tea itself makes sense too – you can buy it in a chic metal tin and then when you run out of tea you can refill the tin for a reduced cost.

To top it off each tea comes with a paragraph about why it’s so awesome and the correct brewing time and temperature. The locations are all so well designed as well – very clean and bright – David certainly has good sense of style and what his target market is drawn too – you just can’t help stopping in when you see the shop! At $20 and $13 CAD for the mug and tin-o-tea respectively David’s certainly isn’t cheap – however I think David’s will do just fine regardless!

Whats your favourite tea?


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