Tremblant Trepidation

On our recent trip to Tremblant we sampled some “local” cuisine. I’m a horrible food-blogger though and didn’t take any pictures – I really didn’t want to take a bulky camera on the slopes. We went to Le Shack, Le Diable and Le Forge. All of which were eerily similar – down to the almost identical histories of each restaurant on the place-mats (and the flirtatious waiters!). Each one had a poutine that was not called poutine but something like “The Avalanche” or “The Extreme” (why not call it what it is?). At least at Le Diable there was some on-site-brewed beer. To top it off all the restaurants are horribly over-priced.

If you want to do Tremblant on the cheap buy discounted tickets at Costco which come with $20 of lunch vouchers. Other than lunch at the cafeterias just get a condo with a kitchen and make breakfast and dinner there. We stayed at Les Eaux and it was spectacular for only $40/night each (since there were 12 of us). There were even some resident deer!

The whole experience was rather reminiscent of Disney-World. On the gondola there’s an automatic camera that takes a picture of your group and you can buy the photo after- like a roller-coaster! Beautiful nonetheless!

All this commercialized-faux-character was worth it though once we hit the slopes! I’ve never been to such a big ski resort before (I was so nervous when my friends took me on a Blue for our first run!) but after Tremblant I definitely have the ski-bug – and Ontario hills just don’t do it!

A bonus of staying our condo was tickets to first tracks which allows you to hit the slopes an hour before all the normals. Here’s the hill around 8:30am…

This was awesome since it gets really busy on weekends. Here’s the hill around 11:30am…

There you have it! Tremblant: to ski not to eat.


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