Restaurant Review: Sushi Ya!

L and I went for a sushi lunch on a whim at Sushi Ya! Our smallish town in Ontario has a disproportionate amount of sushi restaurants. Having a major Canadian University nearby probably sustains most of their business. A lot of the restaurants are in the historic downtown core but this one is about a 10 minute drive from downtown located in a strip mall.

The sushi was still good though! We shared a few different rolls and each got an included salad. I love the handmade bowls they served them in.

I don’t go for sushi that often so this was my first time having a dynamite roll. The display is pretty impressive (and intimidating! How are you supposed to eat the first one?!).

We also shared a yam tempura roll which was good however I think I enjoy straight-up tempura better – you get to enjoy the deep fried-ness more.

Finally we had a salmon roll with avocado. I think it’s my favourite since it’s the most classic sushi roll in my mind.

Overall sushi Ya! had decent sushi. I don’t know if the sushi really makes up for the weird location and sub-par decor though.

What’s your favourite sushi roll? 

Sushi Ya on Urbanspoon


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