Breakfast Birthday: Eggselent Cake

Phil brought the most amazing egg-shaped cake to add to the breakfast theme of K’s birthday (Thanks Phil!!)

Here is the recipe he used:

“The original English Pound cake, from which the American-style Butter cake and Pound cake evolved, was exactly that – a pound each of butter, sugar, eggs and flour – and was likely added in that order.

Given the combination of ingredients, a tremendous amount of beating by hand must have been involved in order to add enough air so the cake would rise. So the recipe must have had:

1 pound butter = 2 cups (4 sticks)

1 pound sugar = about 2-1/4 cups

1 pound eggs = about 8 to 9 large

1 pound flour = 4 cups or 16 ounces (spoon and sweep method)

Icing: Mix equal parts butter and icing sugar, and add milk until its creamy – about 1 cup each butter and icing sugar and then a few tablespoons milk  and vanilla (just cream the butter add sugar then milk).

Ganache (the middle part): 1 pound chocolate 1 and a half cup of cream. Heat the cream until just after a boil and pour it onto the chocolate. Then beat it!

Here’s what it looked like inside (I couldn’t decide which photo I liked better):

I particularly liked the icing because it wasn’t deathly sweet (like the cupcakes I made a few weeks ago!). I’ve never made a ganache before but I’m definitely going to try it sometime.

What’s your favourite cake?


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