Bavarian Castles and Picnicking

Our last stop before leaving Germany was Füssen, home of the famous fairytale castles of Bavaria. The smaller castle, Hohenschwangau, had some impressive fountains:

We opted to not tour the inside of this one and instead saved our money for King Ludwig’s masterpiece, Neuschwanstein:

We rode the shuttle bus up the mountain to Mary’s Bridge for magnificent views (that’s where the money shot shown above was taken from). From there it’s an easy walk down the paved road to the castle’s entrance. The guided tour was really short but you get to see the ridiculous opulence of the few rooms that are actually finished. Amazingly, Ludwig only lived in this castle for 11 days before his “mysterious” death. I don’t feel too sorry for him though — he spent those days enjoying this view from his balcony:

After our tour, we did a light hike down one of trails and through the valley below the castle. Here’s Elena sporting her “mountain-chic” apparel:

Once we got back to Fussen, we finished off the day with a picnic by the river:

Auf wiedersehen, Deutschland!

Next: Swiss alps!


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