Restaurant Review: Z-Teca Gourmet Burritos

Whilst shopping in Toronto we surprisingly stumbled upon  Z-Teca on King Street. 

Z-teca offers a number of different meat options as well as vegetarian options. Steph and I both tried the Barbacoa (pulled beef). We both loved it – the meet was really tender and saucy.

Steph ordered hers in a “bowl” and I got mine in a tortilla.

I loved the salsas they offered – Steph got the mango and fresh tomate. They make their salsa on-site which is a nice touch (they also marinade their meat on-site). And of course we had to get Canada Dry in order to be patriotic.

What I especially liked about Z-Teca  was the decor – I would describe it as Particle-Board-Chic.

On my way out of Toronto I noticed another location on Gerrard. It looks like they’re taking over – which I really don’t mind since the food is pretty decent. They’re also Canadian-owned and so far only have locations in the GTA. 


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