Restaurant Review: Red House, Kingston ON. For Frenchie’s birthday we had appetizers for dinner at Red House – a new restaurant/bar on King Street. I would not recommend this stratagem. After filling up on appetizers we saw the main dishes going to our neighbours and felt a few (many) pangs of jealousy. The chicken poppers and braised beef were not bad albeit a tad overpriced at $10 each (!?!?). I had high hopes for the much cheaper lentils ($4) however they were on the vinegary side. Okay, that’s a lie, they were basically pure vinegar so I opted to politely ask for less vinegar much to my companions’ chagrin (“Hope you like your lentils with spit in them!”).  The second time around they were much less vinegar-soaked however I still prefer my lentil recipe over theirs.

Bad sides aside the beer and mixed drink selection is fairly wide; they’re serving  drinks you can’t find anywhere else in Kingston (If I could get a drink – the waitress forgot my order, maybe she was mad about the lentils). The atmosphere is also nicely placed squarely in the middle between old sleepy pub and underaged-dance club. The brothers that own the place obviously put a lot of effort into renovating building and hit the nail on the head in terms of decor and layout. I swear one day we will see people dancing on tables a la Spanky’s in Peterborough. 

All in all I really want this place to be good. I will definitely give it another chance – hopefully they just have some kinks to work out.

Side note: Check out their photo gallery. Does anyone else think they need my help?


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