Restaurant Review: The Whistle Stop, Peterborough, ON

Claiming to have the largest poutine selection in Canada (why not go for the biggest selection in the world if you’ve already claimed Canada?) The Whistle Stop is 24h diner conveniently located downtown (read: close to the bars). 

It hurts my hippy-soul to think of all the just-in-time (read: factory-made and full of preservatives) toppings they must have to use to have this large of a poutine selection but late at night (read: after the bar) there’s nothing like a quick poutine.  Jackie and I decided to go latin and ordered the Mexican Poutine. They gave us a ticket and asked us to sit in the Tea Room. The Tea Room is an adjacent restaurant that apparently is used as a secondary poutine dining room at night. It is odd being in this kind of venue in a post-bar state.

Olives? Nacho cheese sauce? I cannot believe I ate this. 

Sinan ordered some sort of sausage poutine:

Word to the wise: be smart and always order the PULLED PORK POUTINE. I didn’t get a picture but it is worth it. 


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