30 Days of Gluten-Free – Saturday Day 8

Day 8 – Tim Horton’s is a celiac warzone. Not having eaten breakfast on my route from Kingston to Peterborough I needed to stop for a snack. The only thing I could come up with to eat was the yogurt and berries cup. Luckily it’s pretty tasty. They also have a chili option which I would have to investigate further on – anyone know if it is gluten-free. They also have oatmeal but that is generally warned against for gluten-intolerant people since there is so much cross-contamination. If you have intense gluten allergies I would probably advise against Tim Horton’s at all. 


Tim Horton’s Yogurt Cup


Another Tim Horton’s Yogurt Cup (no, I did not plan today out too well)


Bombay Chicken at 38 Degrees in Peterborough. The meal came with roasted squash and other veggies and was served on a bed of… not rice but mashed potatoes. It was great.



Creme Brule – wait is this gluten-ful? I may have accidentally cheated AGAIN. Blerg. Update: I checked a few recipes and creme brule is gluten-free! To be on the safe side of course you should always ask!


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