Restaurant: Tana Coffee

Frenchie and I went to Tana Coffee for breakfast one morning while I was in Ottawa. They were just finishing up yoga since it was a Sunday morning. Apparently they clear some tables every Sunday morning and have a yoga session at the back of the restaurant. Apparently they are going to start roasting their […]

Restaurant Review: HOITO, Thunder Bay ON

HOITO is a Finnish restaurant in Thunder Bay that was started to give the Finnish-immigrant Lumberjacks a cheap place to eat on their breaks from slaving away in the forest. Though everyone talks about how you MUST go to the Hoito when visiting Thunder Bay I would also keep in mind it’s basically a greasy […]

Restaurant Review: Charlotte Anne’s, Peterborough ON

Our first patio breakfast of the season – since it was technically a weekday though (Easter Friday) they weren’t serving breakfast. After the waitress asking us to move tables a few times (in case a larger group wanted to sit on the patio) we finally settled down to order. When the food came we were […]