Recipe: Cranberry Rhubarb Almond Tart

In my quest to find Rhubarb recipes a Polish friend suggested an Cranberry-Rhubarb almond tart. You will have to google-translate the recipe and take some creative licence but it’s easy enough to follow and easy enough to make. The recipe calls for flour but I’ve tried a almond-flour only method and it also works for […]

Recipe: Endurance Crackers

The best thing about these crackers – other than the fact that my gluten-free friends can eat them and my gluten-loving friends actually love the taste too – is that the recipe is so easy you can pretty much memorize it after attempting it once. It basically just includes a half cup of four types of seeds […]

Power Balls (and fun with food processors)

Since starting P90X (and figuring out I was allergic to whey protein powder) I’ve been looking for whey-free ways (ha!)  to get my protein into my diet. Since Clif bars have about 10g of protein per bar I had been eating them obsessively – not the most frugal obsession (they’re cheapest at Costco if you […]

Curried Lentil Poutine

Lentils are a much-overlooked food that, prior to trying them, I had relegated to the land of hippies and vegans (is there a difference?). Now that I’ve offended a few people let me say that I firmly believe lentils are the perfect food. The astounding percentage of protein in these pulses make them a cheap […]

Quinoa Risotto

Inspired by Food & Drink Magazine I set on making quinoa risotto. Quinoa, if you didn’t know, originates from South America and is a seed that’s very high in protein. You can cook it like rice but unlike rice it has great nutritional value. Apparently quinoa requires very little pesticides because it has a very […]


Another LCBO Food & Drink recipe: cheater ravioli. This recipe uses wonton wrappers (which are super cheap!) instead of pasta to expedite the ravioli process.  The ingredients. Pictured above is the easy part – mixing together the pumpkin, ricotta, asiago, spices and – once the mixture is cold, an egg.  Here comes the time-consuming part. […]

Easy Stuff: Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo is a fresh salsa for cilantro-lovers. It goes great with tacos, quesadillas or just about anything.  Just combine chopped tomatoes, diced cilantro and diced red onion. If you want to spice it up throw in some diced jalapeños. Add some lemon juice and salt and serve it. So easy and adds some […]