Recipe: Endurance Crackers

The best thing about these crackers – other than the fact that my gluten-free friends can eat them and my gluten-loving friends actually love the taste too – is that the recipe is so easy you can pretty much memorize it after attempting it once. It basically just includes a half cup of four types of seeds […]

Power Balls (and fun with food processors)

Since starting P90X (and figuring out I was allergic to whey protein powder) I’ve been looking for whey-free ways (ha!)  to get my protein into my diet. Since Clif bars have about 10g of protein per bar I had been eating them obsessively – not the most frugal obsession (they’re cheapest at Costco if you […]

Restaurant Review: Nata’s Cafe, Peterborough

Natas Cafe is located downtown Peterborough on George Street. They always make your coffee with designs in the cream (pst. Nata means cream in Portuguese – correct me if I’m wrong!).  They also have a selection of sandwiches. This one was a spinach sandwich: Unlike other cafes in the skinny turn-of-the-century buildings on George St. […]

Easy Stuff: Quesadilla con Pollo

Quesadillas have always been a favourite of mine. It wasn’t until my Latino friend told me how easy they were that I started making them at home. The secret is… … to toast the tortilla on both sides in a frying pan before adding the cheese. Once the tortilla starts to bubble you can flip […]