Restaurant Review: Horn of Africa

When visiting Ottawa one night we met some friends at an Ethiopian restaurant – Horn of Africa – close to the Byward Market. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into but it is not typical Western dining. I kind of expected the restaurant to North-America-fy the food by giving us, you know, […]

It’s a Beavertail! (A type of Canadian pastry). To everyone on the interwebz wondering what this is, it’s a nutella-banana Beavertail; a Beavertail is a flat whole-wheat donut covered in whatever toppings you desire. The standard Beavertail is topped with lemon and sugar and is actually not that horrible for you. They sell them in […]

Ramblin’ Rideau

A few weeks ago some friends and I set off to Ottawa to skate the entire length of the Rideau Canal. For those of you who don’t know Ottawa is Canada’s National Capital. The Rideau Canal connects the Ottawa River to Lake Ontario and starts beside the Parliament Building. It was originally built for commercial […]