Restaurant Review: HOITO, Thunder Bay ON

HOITO is a Finnish restaurant in Thunder Bay that was started to give the Finnish-immigrant Lumberjacks a cheap place to eat on their breaks from slaving away in the forest. Though everyone talks about how you MUST go to the Hoito when visiting Thunder Bay I would also keep in mind it’s basically a greasy […]

Restaurant Review: Savory’s, Kingston ON

Every Brazilian I have met raves about feijoada, Brazilian BBQ and their food in general. Therefore I had to try out Kingston’s only Brazilian restaurant (semantics question: is it really a restaurant if it’s take-out only?).  Feijoada (pronounced something like Fay-jo-ada if I’m getting that right) is a mixture of beans, sausage and other meats. […]

Restaurant Review: The Whistle Stop, Peterborough, ON

Claiming to have the largest poutine selection in Canada (why not go for the biggest selection in the world if you’ve already claimed Canada?) The Whistle Stop is 24h diner conveniently located downtown (read: close to the bars).  It hurts my hippy-soul to think of all the just-in-time (read: factory-made and full of preservatives) toppings […]

Restaurant Review: Charlotte Anne’s, Peterborough ON

Our first patio breakfast of the season – since it was technically a weekday though (Easter Friday) they weren’t serving breakfast. After the waitress asking us to move tables a few times (in case a larger group wanted to sit on the patio) we finally settled down to order. When the food came we were […]

Restaurant Review: Chez Piggy

After a hard afternoon of lounging at the Kingston Waterfront we decided to go to Chez Piggy. Kingston’s favourite upscale restaurant. (okay Aqua Terra still has #1 in my mind but Chez Piggy is pretty darn good too). Upon request they brought us some olive oil and balsamic for our Pan Chancho bread. It looks […]

Restaurant Review: Saigon Delights

When my parents came to visit I was lucky enough to also get treated to dinner! I’ve walked past Saigon Delights a few times and always been struck by how much it looks like a student-house-turned-restaurant (in fact there are a slew of students living upstairs!). Strange… The interior, however, is quite moderne – even […]