Restaurant Review: Horn of Africa

When visiting Ottawa one night we met some friends at an Ethiopian restaurant – Horn of Africa – close to the Byward Market. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into but it is not typical Western dining. I kind of expected the restaurant to North-America-fy the food by giving us, you know, […]

Restaurant: Tana Coffee

Frenchie and I went to Tana Coffee for breakfast one morning while I was in Ottawa. They were just finishing up yoga since it was a Sunday morning. Apparently they clear some tables every Sunday morning and have a yoga session at the back of the restaurant. Apparently they are going to start roasting their […]

Restaurant Review: HOITO, Thunder Bay ON

HOITO is a Finnish restaurant in Thunder Bay that was started to give the Finnish-immigrant Lumberjacks a cheap place to eat on their breaks from slaving away in the forest. Though everyone talks about how you MUST go to the Hoito when visiting Thunder Bay I would also keep in mind it’s basically a greasy […]

Cassis Bistro, Lakefield ON

Cassis is an unassuming restaurant in Lakefield’s downtown (about 30 minutes outside Peterborough). Many of the ingredients are locally-sourced and they have a variety of specials surrounding what’s in season.  The venison stew was one of their specials. My company reports it was a tasty selection. Two of our party had the peppercorn steak – […]

Restaurant Review: Charlotte Anne’s, Peterborough ON

Our first patio breakfast of the season – since it was technically a weekday though (Easter Friday) they weren’t serving breakfast. After the waitress asking us to move tables a few times (in case a larger group wanted to sit on the patio) we finally settled down to order. When the food came we were […]

Restaurant Review: Dreams of Beans, Peterborough

One reason why I love Peterborough is it’s the only place I’ve been able to find these bourekas: It may look like a bagel but it’s actually puff pastry filled with a potato mushroom and cheese filling. Something about them – maybe the fact that I can’t find them anywhere else – makes them rather […]

Restaurant Review: Z-Teca Gourmet Burritos

Whilst shopping in Toronto we surprisingly stumbled upon  Z-Teca on King Street.  Z-teca offers a number of different meat options as well as vegetarian options. Steph and I both tried the Barbacoa (pulled beef). We both loved it – the meet was really tender and saucy. Steph ordered hers in a “bowl” and I got […]

The Works Kingston

The Works is a small burger chain originating in Ottawa, Ontario. A new location just opened in Kingston so we decided to give it a try. I have a sneaking suspicion The Works steals their marketing plan from nightclubs because although there were an abundance of tables available they asked us to wait so they could […]

Restaurant Review: Aquaterra

Aquaterra is located in the Kingston Radisson – just stroll into the parking garage to find the entrance. Even though it suffers from an unfortunate front entrance the food is the best in Kingston, the service is always amazing and the prices are on the pricey side but extremely reasonable for “casual fine dining”.  Upon […]